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LIPS x Leona

UPDATE 10/15/12: Glassheart out now! Lips’ first recording! Out now! Hurrah! Listen to snippets (and buy!) here! And here!

A few months ago, my beloved LIPS choir got called to a recording studio just over the river to record backing for a major artist – Leona Lewis. Arriving on the day, we all managed to be very cool about it, even though very few of us had ever done anything like it before. When they played us the “rough” track we were doing the backing for, Fireflies, we lost our cool. Briefly. Her voice – un-edited and un-tweaked – is extraordinary. I think most of us had underestimated that, assuming that talent-show pop princesses are all production and image,  but it was a real pleasure to hear her beautiful tone and incredible range in the raw. We got quite emosh about it.

Even though some of us hoped this would be the first step in LIPS hitting the big-time, I guess I assumed that although Simon Cowell was said to love our sound, they would replace us on the finished track with a professional choir. Yeah, that didn’t happen. The other thing did. We are totally on the finished record Glassheart, credited on the tracklisting and even mentioned on the Wikipedia entry! There are rumours of other exciting things in the offing (which I shan’t jinx by mentioning now), so I reckon its OK to make free with fantasies of worldwide tours, groupies, roadies, and hardball negotiations with Mr Cowell himself….

The new album, Glassheart (featuring LIPS choir) is out on 13 October. Even if you don’t buy the whole thing, check out track 5, Fireflies. We think its ace. If you want to buy it, that would be even acer, and certainly support our road to worldwide fame and stuff. Ta.

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A rare bird

Thanks to Helen for drawing this to my attention – defo the next feature presentation for Fashion Film Club (which is not a real thing, but totally should be). The great Maysles brothers, who directed the wonderful and wonderfully disturbing Grey Gardens, have obviously decided to play to the trend-forecaster gallery by making a documentary about style icon Iris Apfel. “Icon” is a term waaaaayy overused in the fashion world, but Apfel is an icon forreals: her singular style really is inspirational, both aesthetically and in its sense of confidence and freedom. As far as I can see, Apfel only gets more awesome as she ages – surely that’s the only way to grow old gracefully…

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