Gap says Dress Normal


Under the leadership of former Cos design director Rebekka Bay, the rejuvenated Gap is still finding its feet, but seems to have relaxed into its reputation for simple basics. Normcore, you could say. But while the #Normcore trend is no longer a hot topic, it does speak to a growing interest in simple, well-made clothes that let you lead your life. At least that’s what Gap is counting on, with its Dress Normal campaign.


The print ads feature actors renowned for their substance more than their style – Anjelica Huston, Michael K Williams, Elisabeth Moss, Bobby Cannavale and Jena Malone.

Meanwhile, Gap has worked with David Fincher, director of films such as Fight Club, Se7en and the forthcoming Gone Girl to create a series of video ads that create mysteries around the people wearing these fairly straightforward clothes.

Seth Farbman, global chief marketing officer for Gap told AdAge, “There’s always an anxiety in Fincher’s work…What I wanted, because this is Gap, was positive anxiety – that was the brief. We wanted to make it more challenging than what people think of as a Gap commercial. Rather than a beginning, a middle and end of the story, we wanted to tell part of the story and leave a sense of wonder.”

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