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Badass women

Not much to add to this supercut of completely nails action heroines, except that I love it when a film can feature a badass character who just happens to be female, rather than making it all about “femme fatale” cliches. This compilation features some of the greatest action figures eva (IMHO) from Alien‘s Ripley to Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. The women all expressing fury, skill and fierceness (not in the Drag Race/ANTM way) in a way that’s exhilarating and liberating (not in the women’s lib way)  through a brutal kind of physicality that women rarely get to express .

via The Mary Sue

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I love space

I’m really obsessed with space, partly through years of sci-fi immersion (of both the classy and trashy types), but mainly because of the incredible size and scope and possibilities that are out there. I’d love to go to space more than anything, but i fear civilian space travel is unlikely in my lifetime, even if i could afford it, and i’m definitely not clever or fit enough to be an astronaut. So instead, I love out the fantasy with grand space operas like Interstellar, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Gravity and Star Wars or the (modern) Star Trek films, and thanks to NASA’s incredible Instagram feed, which captures the greatness, terror and opportunity of space in bite-size snaps, for the contemporary astrophile. The video above and pictures below are just some of the nuggets of amazement that these pioneers and loons have created to help us understand space a tiny bit better.



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Dress up or down

tumblr_mj13irinvy1rf2j88o2_250The ability to dress an outfit up or down is rather a fash-mag cliché, as well as my half-serious enabling rule for pretty much any purchase: “you can dress it up or down, day-to-evening, it’s an interseasonal classic!”. But now the endlessly inventive Hussein Chalayan has turned “dress up or down” into an actual thing, with his recent  A/W 13 show in Paris. By just pulling at the collar, models could transform neat shifts into dramatic long dresses, offering a far more impactful (and slightly sci-fi) option for day-to-evening dressing than putting a spangly cardi on. Useful fashion innovation – who knew?

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